Toilet Repair

Our technicians can help you with new installation, repair or replacement

There’s no sound more dreadful than a toilet that’s constantly running. Everyone else may just hear running water, but all you hear is the sound of your hard-earned money being flushed away. Sure, it make sense to try to repair it yourself, but if the internal parts of a toilet are not set correctly, you end up in same spot. So you can always call us to have toilet repaired or install a new one. If you constantly have to fix the toilet by replacing different parts, such as handle, flappers, fill valve, it make sense to invest in a brand new toilet. It can save you money in the long run.

If the toilet need plunging or unclogging on a regular basis, it may be the time to invest in newer, more powerful model. Older toilets have weaker flushes and may even require you to flush more than once to send everything down. Either it is a regular flush or pressure assisted toilet, a new toilet it it is always a good investment.