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Water pipes are under pressure, so a break in the water main will cause water to flow out of the pipe and eventually to the surface level, whether that be the street, your front lawn, or the basement of your home. 

This could also lead to contaminated water in the home. It’s crucial to stop using appliances or drinking water when this occurs.

There is usually a house shutoff valve that will turn off the flow of water through the main in an emergency. If your public utility doesn’t shut off the water flow first, you can locate the homeowner shut-off valve (next to your water meter) and turn the water flow off yourself. This is done with a water meter key.

A leaky water valve is a common problem, as well. Some types of water valves (such as gate valves) are more prone to leaking. It may be possible to tighten the packing nut on the water valve to stop the leak. Other DIY methods include adding additional washers or replacing old washers. However, in most cases it is best practice to call a professional plumber to fix the leak. Professional help will be required if the valve needs to be replaced.

An unnoticed leak in your water main can cause extensive (and expensive) structural damage to your home. This can include damage to flooring and walls, mildew and mold issues, and water waste that is harmful to the environment and increases water bills.

If a leak is detected in your water main, it’s important to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage to the home and property.

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