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Sewage ejector or grinder pumps are commonly used in residential homes basements or commercial buildings basements because the main sewage line is higher than the basement plumbing pipes. For instance, when a toilet is located below the main sewer line the flushed waste has to be elevated up so that it can be discharged along with all of the other waste water. Contrary to popular belief, not all sewage pumps grind up the waste, instead they pump the solids by velocity with an impeller. Some impellers can break up the waste but it will not be finely ground up.

Sewer Ejector Pumps

A sewage pump which is ideal for most residential applications will only need to pump up to 20 feet of lift to a gravity sewer. A typical sewage pump installation is when there is a bathroom located in a basement that gets pumped to a gravity line which is connected to the gravity sewer or septic system.

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