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How do you find problems in your sewer system without costly guesswork and excavation?  Our state of the art cameras and equipment can pinpoint any blockage or disruption in the sewer and main lines.

Typically, most homeowners call in a sewer line video inspection only if there is a problem, such as a blockage that cannot be fixed by plunging, liquid drain cleaners, or sewer or drain augering. Tree roots are attracted to the nutrients in sewer lines. Tree roots can get in to sewer lines and clog the sewer pipe causing backups and poor sewage flow away from your house. Older homes are susceptible to this problem. Our video camera sewer inspection service eliminates guessing. It helps our professionals determine what your best options are to solve sewer backup problems.

We recommend yearly video pipe line inspections since debris, household soaps and grease, even plant roots, can clog or damage your sewer and drain lines. Catch potential problems before they cause severe damage. Call SMART Plumbing for the inside story on sewer pipe lines

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Some facts:

  • Old pipes with joints, shallow or small pipes are more prone to root growth
  • Less joints in sewer lines (and longer lines) means less possibility for root growth
  • Large, fast-growing trees are the biggest contributors to root growth in sewer pipes
  • Sewer pipes made from materials like clay, brick or concrete will deteriorate over time, causing them to separate and crack from ground shifting/heaving and erosion. Roots from trees growing near the sewer lines can gain entry through cracks in the sewer pipes. As these roots expand, they can build up immense pressure and this can be powerful enough to break open even the tightest and most dense pipe connections.
  • A cracked sewer line causes water and sewage to leak and air to escape into the soil – creating the perfect mix of oxygen, water and nutrients for tree roots to thrive. This causes the anchor root to grow very fine feeder roots which penetrate the cracked pipe and cause blockage.
  • According to IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure), a root can grow in the pipe connection for more than two years, before it penetrates the pipe’s seal.

Large mature trees add shade, beauty and tree climbing memories to our yards, but their deep roots can cause extensive damage to underground pipes. Tree roots grow into sewer lines because it is natural for them to seek out a water source. Sewer lines not only provide water, but also nutrients and oxygen that are essential to a tree’s growth. Trees especially like to grow into sewer pipes, becoming the cause of extensive sewer damage and requiring major maintenance to rid pipes of the blockage. Tree roots are responsible for many of our city’s backups and pipe damages, and are one of the major reasons we are called out to a home that has a blockage or flooding in a yard.

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their sewer lines that connect to the sewer pipes in the house and the main city sewer system. Because most homeowners don’t know where their pipes are buried they don’t know where the potential hazards lie. This can cause problems that go untreated simply because homeowners don’t know they are occurring.

A slowed draining system is a common indicator of root problems. You may first hear gurgling noises in your toilet bowl. This is a sign that pipes are not able to flow easily. If left unattended the roots will completely block the pipes and total blockage will occur.

As the tree roots grow and expand the crack in the pipe or the pipe joint, they can eventually cause it to break apart. This will result in a total collapse of the pipe and flooding will happen where the water line has burst. When this happens a trench will have to be dug to reach the pipe and replace it.

To prevent major blockage you should schedule a regular cleaning of your sewer lateral pipe. A professional can look through your entire underground pipe system to make sure that no damage is occurring.