• The word “Plumbing" comes from the Latin plumbum, meaning “lead"

Water Pipes used to be made of lead

  • More than 5.3 million miles of copper plumbing have been installed in the U.S. since 1963

That would cover the earth's circumference more than 200 times.

  • Indoor plumbing evidence has been found since 2500 B.C. from ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used copper piping for plumbing. Copper pipes are still in use today.

  • Sir John Harrington invented the first flush toilet in 1596

Just two were produced – one for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth, and one for himself. Hence the phrase, “going to the John".

  • Tomas Twyford made the first porcelain toilet in 1885

Before then, most toilets were made of metal and wood.

  • The Plumbers and Steamfitters Union name Albert Einstein an honorary plumber after he said he'd be a plumber if he could do it all over again